Saturday, May 7, 2011

Promote Android App by AdMob == NULL?

I have try to promote my apps by AdMob 2 times before. The fund amount is $50, $100, and got 1000, 2000 clicks each time, but it seems didn't increase the download stats. I guess it's because the clicks are not large enough and not every click will transfer to real download.

So this time I increase the amount to $280, the bid is $0.05, only target to USA, only for male user with age 18-55, only for WiFi traffic. The first 7 hours, it only got <100 clicks. Then I remove the gender, age and traffic limits, then the AD fund depleted in 20 minutes, and I got about 5600 clicks. I check the download stats 2 hours later, in the past 12 hours, the download stats is about 700, just as same as norml time. My app daily downloads is 1300-1800. So all the dollars just down the drain :)

It seems that some other devs also got the same experience:
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