App Lock / Invisible Protector Guide

App Locker II protect your private applications by fake crash.When launching a protected app, it will throw a fake crash error which may mislead guest user into thinking that your app has a glitch or something. So it can stop guest from using your protected app in a natural manner.

Compare to password & pattern protectors, it's a more implicit and unnoticeable method to stop user using your private apps.

# Difference between App Locker II & Invisible Protector

  1. App Locker II: Normal application version, will show app icon in the desktop
  2. App Lock II Widget: Widget version, won't show icon in the desktop, launch it through Desktop > Widget
  3. Invisible Protector: Won't show icon in desktop and widget menu, you can launch it by dial "#999"

# Guide

  1. Press an application in the list and select 'Protect' or 'Remove protect' context menu item to add/remove protect an application
  2. Enable protector, set password and select an unlock mode in Menu > Setting,the default password is empty
  3. When launching the protected application, it will popup a runtime error
  4. dialog, unauthorized people will be cheated and may click close button to close it
  5. For the owner, you can dismiss the error dialog by the mode you selected in
  6. Setting menu, please refer to the next section for detail

# Unlock Modes

  1. Double tap dialog message: when error dialog pop, double tap the message body of the dialog, then you can get the protected application
  2. Five tap dialog message: when error dialog pop, tap the message body five times
  3. Rotation: when error dialog pop, do the following motion to dismiss it:
    • Make your mobile screen face up at first
    • Start to rotate your wrist make the mobile screen face down
    • Then rotate your wrist in opposite direction to make the mobile screen face up again
  4. Double Rotation: similar to Rotation mode, but continue do it twice
  5. Password: click the report button on the error dialog, it will open a report feedback form. Of course, it's a fake form too. Then input password in the feedback text field. It will auto check what you typing and needn't click any button.
  6. Proximity: when error dialog pop, put your palm cover on (don't touch any button) the phone screen for 2 seconds; or put phone on your ear just like listening an incoming call for 2 seconds; or put phone screen close to your body for 2 seconds.

# FAQs

  • How to protect Locker itself
    Go menu > Setting > Password, to set a password for it, the password is used for password unlock mode and self-protection.
  • How to lock SMS?
    You need protect all sms apps if you install multiple SMS related applications.
  • How to lock pictures?
    1) You need protect both Gallery and Camera
    2) Other apps that can access to the pictures, such like file explorer
  • How to prevent someone from bypassing App Locker
    1) You need to protect Market, Setting and all Task Killers
    2) Don't kill Android Protector process