Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remote Control Your Android Phone in Browser

Remote Control Android integrate the VNC Server and VNC Web Viewer together, it enable you to remote control your phone in computer browser via network connection.

This is an Add-on of Remote Web Desktop (RWD), I have integrated it into RWD.

# Features
1. Remote View
2. Keyboard support
3. Phone buttons support: Home, Back, Menu and End buttons
3. Mouse touch event support
4. Support third-part VNC Viewers

# Requirements
1. ROOTED phone
2. Browser with Java Applet enabled (JRE 1.6+)

# Known issues
As you know, compatibility issue is a big problem of Android phone, I can't test it in all phones. So if it works for your phone, it's good luck for you. Otherwise, just uninstall it or send a mail to let me know your phone model.

Welcome to post a comment here to let me know wheter this feature works or not works for you.

# Others
1. Open source with GPLv2
2. The most codes are from Android VNC Server
3. Java applet viewer is from TightVNC