Monday, September 23, 2013

Airkey 1.0 Released

Airkey is a cloud input allows you to text on Android device by using desktop keyboard. It also pluses a standard Gingerbread Android keyboard, so you also can use it as a normal input.

Airkey integrates with Google Cloud Message, it can work with all 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi connections. So what you need is a computer can browses internet sites.

Airkey is not only a simple cloud text input, but also provides several handy features, and even more features are coming soon.

Key features:
※ Secured Cloud Input
All texts through network are encrypted by TSL or AES 128.

※ Clipboard
Share Android device clipboard with desktop computer.

※ Hotkey
Press Alt+key to launch embed Android apps quickly. For example, Alt+s to write a new SMS message, Alt+@ to launch Gmail, Alt+G to launch Gallery, Alt+C to launch Camera, and so on.

※ Quick Launch Commands
send '&app_name' to quick launch app by name.

1. Enable Airkey in Android Settings > Language & Input.
2. Switch to Airkey input
- - Android 4: focus on a text input, select the 'Choose input method' from the notification list and select the Airkey from the popup list.
- - Android 2, 3: long press the input field and select the Airkey from the popup list.
3. Go to, login with the account, then you can text to your Android device remotely.

Online Guide: