Monday, April 11, 2011

FAQs of Remote Web Desktop

  • Does Remote Web Desktop support 3G connection?
    Totally supported after V5.2.0. Some uses can access it directly, most users can enable the "Bridge Mode" to access it.
  • Does Remote Control & FTP feature work on Bridge Mode?
    Not implemented yet, it's in todo list.

  • How to solve connection issue?
    1. Make sure your phone and computer are connecting to the same wireless router
    2. Try change default port 8999 to 60000 or greater, most users solved it by change it
    3. Try use other browsers
    4. Check whether the port is blocked by firewall

  • Why Remote Web Desktop auto start in background even turn off 'Auto start' setting?
    It's because you set WiFi Keyboard as active input method, when WiFi Keyboard be activated, Remote Web Desktop will be auto started.

  • Why phone screen keep awake even after turn off Remote Web Desktop?
    When the WiFi Keyboard be activated, the screen will keep awake to make sure your phone won't miss the input text. So please switch to other input method after using WiFi Keyboard.

  • Support MAC?
    Yes, only browser need, include Windows, MAC, Linux.

  • Is it possible to drag and drop whole folder to upload or drag file from Web Desktop to Windows File Explorer?
    As I know, it's impossible to do it in HTML5. But Remote Web Desktop provide a FTP option to do it. You can visit FTP server through Windows File Explorer.

  • When will Contact, Notes, Settings features be completed?
    I have some new ideas need to be implemented at first, so those feature will be delayed. Contact feature was palned in May. Notes and Settings features have not been planed. Sorry about that.

  • Can I serve my personal web pages?
    Yes, you can put your pages in phone $sdcard/AndroidDesktop/Web/ folder, then start Web Desktop server, and visit it through http://ip:port/web/your_page_name.

  • What's the meaning of "Service Port"
    It's a technologh-Terms of network. You can regard it as a door of your phone. To provide a service for the apps out of your phone, you need specify and open a door to let them find it. For example, the default port of normal web site is 80, you can to access Google site. Because it's a standard port for web site, so usually you don't need put ":80" in the URL. But Remote Web Desktop is running on your phone, the port <1024 is system reserved, so you need specify a port between 1025 - 65535 for it.

  • Why get "Session timeout" immediately when login desktop?
    It's because your browser was set to deny the cookie from third-part cookies. Please refer to this article to change the cookie setting:
  • Why Webcam can't work on Galaxy Nexus?
    It's a bug of Android 4.0, so the webcam can't work on Galaxy Nexus now.
  • Why I get "Network Error: Connection reset" when using Remote Control?
    Remote Control can't work on some devices because of compatibility issue.
  • My imcoming SMS time is incorrect, how to fix it?
    It's a bug of network/Android on Rogers, Fido, Sprint, and more. Please download the tool "SMS Time Fix" from Android Market. The url is