Saturday, May 21, 2011

FAQs of Bridge Mode

0. Abbr.

RWD: Remote Web Desktop

1. When to Use Bridge Mode?

Please uncheck "Birdge Mode" and follow the quick guide to connect RWD at first.

If you can't connect to RWD then you can try to stop then start RWD server again with "Bridge Mode" enabled. Please notice that the URL is different in Bridge Mode.

The Bridge Mode is mainly used for 3G connection users. But it also work for other type connections.

2. How it works?

1) Phone make a connection to bridge server
2) You open a browser to connect the bridge server too
3) Bridge server will make a bridge for your phone and browser connection
4) Then your browser communicates with your phone through bridge connection

3. Is it safe?

The safety is just equal to your using services of normal web sites.

I just want to provide convenience for most 3G users. I swear to God that: "I don't install any spy code in my products & services."

You also can enable secure http (for full version) to make it even safer.
If so, all data flow the whole channel is encrypted with RSA 512.
In theory, it can't be cracked within half year without super computers.

If you enabled secure http, please ignore the certificate verify warning, because the certificate of local site can't be verified.

4. Is it fast?

The bridge is set at Denver, USA. So the users out of USA may be a little slower.