Saturday, May 21, 2011

Remote Web Desktop 5.2.0 Released!

I worked deep night yesterday, then finally released it :) It's an important release for me. I added a key feature -- "Bridge Mode" for it. Now it can works for all network connections, totally support 3G connection. All 3G users can access your phone from any place now. And I'm sorry that contacts feature was delayed because of it.

The bridge is set at Denver, USA. So the users out of USA may be a little slower. And it's still on beta phase, so it may not stable enough now. If you find any issue, please add comment here.

If you are full version users, you can enable the "Secure HTTP" to get safer channel. All data will be encrypted by RSA 512, and in theory it can't be cracked within half years without super computers.

If you meet the following warning about the SSL certificate, please ignore it. It's because RWD certificate is not verified. And because it's a local site server on your phone, so it won't have a fixed domain name, it also can't be verified. But of course, you can trust the site on your phone.