Thursday, March 22, 2012

Recent Changes of Remote Web Desktop

The following are the main updates for Remote Web Desktop from 5.7.6 to 5.8.2 1.

1. Screen capture on unrooted phone
   Now non-rooted user also can take screenshot of your phone. You need install a capture service to your phone through USB connection. I have added a new section " Install Capture Service for Non-Rooted Phone" to the usb connection guide.
USB Connection Guide for Remote Web Desktop (Windows)
USB Connection Guide for Remote Web Desktop (Mac & Linux)

   BTW: the capture service is come from another free app named "Screen Capture -No Rooting 2.2". But the guide is not good, and the dev seems stop support it. After install this capture service, you also can take a screenshot by "Screen Capture -No Rooting 2.2" on phone side.

2. Notes shortcut
   You can make a shortcut on phone home screen for any text file on the sdcard. It's easy for you to make a notes.

3. Partial support MMS
   You can create a MMS message from web desktop, but the final send action still need to be finished on phone side because of Android OS limit.

4. Some enhancements in File Explorer

5. Some bugs fixed